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Outer Island Outings 12.05.2015
Random Hodge-podge of activities 22.02.2015
Walking in a Choral Wonderland 20.01.2015
Excerpt from my Graduate School Application Essay 20.01.2015
Humid for the Holidays 07.12.2014
Something Tropical This Way Comes 30.10.2014
Long Time, No See 14.10.2014
Gotta Keep on Movin 15.09.2014
Gray Skies are Gonna Clear Up... 31.08.2014
Teach Woes (and a dash of puppies) 21.08.2014
Cockroach Kingdom and New Beginnings 16.08.2014
Sharks, Shells and Saying goodbye 13.08.2014
Fears, Friends and Frolicking 09.08.2014
The History of Bikini Atoll and some happier tidbits 02.08.2014
Newest Thought Bubble 28.07.2014
First Impressions 26.07.2014
Opening statement and three days across the globe 26.07.2014